A warm welcome!

This is the website of IG Metall union at CARIAD. We, as members of the IG Metall trade union, want to inform you here about everything that is going on in our company.

Thank you so much for supporting the IG Metall union! It is awesome that you decided on becoming a member and standing up for better working conditions and a higher salary. We understand there are many weird German words in the context of union (“Gewerkschaft”) and collective agreement (“Tarifvertrag”) and we will try to explain a few things here in English. Nevertheless if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any of the union members in person or via Email.

What is a “Tarifvertrag”?

A “Tarifvertrag” is a collective agreement between a trade union (labor union) and an employers’ association about working conditions and salary. At CARIAD we have a so called “Haustarifvertrag” (in-hause collective agreement) so that the collective agreement is only valid for employees at CARIAD.

Our Haustarifvertrag at CARIAD consists of various individual contracts. One is dealing with general rules e.g. vacation, working time etc. Another one is only about salary. The contracts can be canceled individually which makes sense, because you might want to just negotiate about higher salary without questioning some basic agreements like vacation.

Generally, we as members of the union have to find a way to agree on our claims that we have for a new collective agreement e.g. the percentage of salary increase or the conditions for mobile work from abroad. This way of forming our collective will for the negotiation is called Tarifbewegung (movement for a new collective agreement – the German word is much shorter 😉 ) and consists of three steps:

  • Willensbildung (common will formation)
  • Forderungen (creating the claims for the negotiations)
  • Durchsetzung (enforcing our claims by negotiating and labor actions such as strikes)

How can I contribute to the “Tarifvertrag”?

As a member of IG Metall you can participate on discussions and panels that take place before one of the sinqle contracts of the “Haustarifvertrag” ends. Ask your local union contact person when and where these discussions take place.

Unsure who your contact person is? Just write us an Email.

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